Light Green Cooking

I’ve been putting this off! The first tasks were easy but this next one is going to be a huge challenge. I’ve been procrastinating so Lynne made an Action Plan for me  and plans to enforce it. She even made me sign it! Considering it is signed and sealed I’d hate to see what would happen if I break the pact so I figure I might as well just go with it.  One of the things on my list is organic cooking.  This will be tough as I have been living off convenience and not truly cooking over the past few years. Lots of take out, Wendy’s, Subway, Water Street Bakery and when I did cook, it was frozen pizza’s, boxed meals which just needed to be mixed up and popped in the oven etc.

I use to cook back in my stay at home mommy days and was actually a huge Martha Stewart fan but the past few years I as I became so consumed with work, I started opting for convenience. Now it’s been so long I don’t remember how to cook. Lynne had to intervene and is forcing me into a healthier lifestyle.  She’s now reading a book Gorgeously Green Diet which has recipes for different shades of green. It’s not a diet but a guide for eating and living a healthier lifestyle. Lynne’s Bright Green and says that I should be aiming for Light Green. She made up a meal plan for everyday of the week and an organic grocery list. I did my best to negotiate but it  was a no go, everything had to be organic and healthy.

These recipes are supposed to be very  quick and easy but I look at this grocery list and I don’t even know what some of this stuff is! There are no pictures so I have no idea what the end result is supposed to look like. As I appreciate Lynne’s concern and motivational yet forceful push, I think she is also very curious as to how this whole production will play out. Can Gorgeously Green’s Light Green eating plan work on someone like Virginia? I swear she is experimenting with me and secretly plans to write a book about this someday.

If you want to know what Gorgeously Green is about.


Kinda Sorta Green

Lynne suggested I take this Eco Quiz on Practically Green to see where I’m at with this whole greening up thing. I thought ok, this could be interesting, I’m going to fail miserably. Lynne said she was surprised  she only got a 6 out of 10 the 1st time she took it. (I should mention she has since progressed to a solid 9) Well I was shocked that I got as high as a 3!!! Yep, I was quite pleased with my 3 which rated me as “Kinda Sorta Green”. 🙂

Mind you I got most of my points with very little effort, mostly because I built my house 2 years ago after the standards had improved, I went all out with the insulation and of course opted for energy efficient appliances, windows etc.

I also earned points for recycling but since it’s mandatory to sort waste, compost and recycling on PEI, I can’t really take the credit for that one either. Besides those things the only area I got points in which were actually in my control was water conservation. I even got a Gold Water Badge! I’m very proud of my 3 despite the fact it was a complete fluke. Still, I think it’s a good start!

Try the 5 minute Quiz

Kiss My Face!

So I decided to break this thing down into sections of my home.  First section of course is my sons bath shelf.  Super easy. Went to Sobeys and bought some Kiss My Face kids shampoo and bubble wash. I hear it’s even cheaper at Superstore in the Naturals section. Lynne will be so relieved to know I am no longer bathing my son in hazardous chemicals. Alex’s bath shelf Done. 🙂


Convenient Site

You can search up any bath or cosmetic products on this site.

Cosmetic Database

It gives you a hazard rating. You just look at the # and don’t have to deal with all the reasons. 0-2 is Green. The site also provides more info if you want to know that stuff.





I confess I have been hearing for months about chemicals in products which absorb through the skin into the bloodstream and the possible causes etc but I didn’t switch one single product until now. My friends, likely appalled that I would continue to expose my son to all these things they were telling me were bad. I thought it was exaggerated, going overboard, chemicals are everywhere and in everything, how can you avoid them.

Then I thought, with autism, ADHD,  cancer and asthma all on the rise, our environment has something to do with that. We pollute our air, water, land and our food. Our homes are full of chemicals for cleaning, bathing and cosmetics. We’ve got a pill for everything. It’s just the way our society has evolved.

Obviously it can’t all be avoided. I keep hearing that a little bit of this and a little bit of that, day after day after day, year after year, creates an unhealthy build up.  I don’t want to know what and if these things can eventually lead to major health problems but I figure it would be better to avoid them when I can. If you know what products may be better for your family, then why not buy those instead of the potentially harmful ones.  It’s everywhere and impossible to completely avoid but why not reduce whatever exposure you can and reduce whatever pollution you can.  Really, why not? I’m work on it.

My Laundry is Done!

After failed attempts to pay Lynne to make the laundry soap for me, I had to search for a grocery store option.

By the way Lynne says it only take 5 minutes to whip up her soap recipe. I’d just rather pick up one thing at the grocery store instead of a list of things. I don’t like shopping. My goal at any store is to get in and out as quickly as I can. Sorry Lynne, I’m sure your soap is great. You can find Lynne’s Household Cleaners Recipes at this link.  DIY Cleaners @ Greener Today

It wasn’t hard, I just did a search on Tracy’s blog Inspired Planning and viola I found a review on two products.

I was very excited to find Method Laundry Soap. $9 at Superstore and it even came in a more convenient bottle. No pouring, just 4 squirts! 🙂 I love it.  Super small hand sized bottle, still does 25 loads, less waste and no big jug to lug. So easy and convenient!

Check List                                                                                            

  • Green expert approved soap
  • Cold water
  • No dryer sheets
  • No bleach
  • Water & Energy efficient appliances

Laundry Room Done 😀

Well besides the Bounce bar. I’m not sure if that’ll be green enough. I’m sure it’s better than dryer sheets but I may have to figure out what to replace it with soon.  It’s running low!  May be another post.

If you want the info…

Why Tide is not Cool  at Inspired Planning

Tracy’s article also recommends Down East Laundry Soap
I saw that in the Naturals section at Superstore for under $5




So it’s time for my first greening task!! Lynne suggests I switch to green laundry soap.

Great. I’m way ahead of her because I already have green laundry soap. She says nope, my green soap isn’t green enough. 😦

But the bottle says Green, it’s advertised as environmentally friendly! How could it not be green? Isn’t there some kind of regulation on that?

Oh no, this is not a good start. It’s called Greenwashing. There is no regulation on green products, meaning no way to know if a product is actually green without doing some research. Well your not gonna find me reading ingredient lists!  Fortunately I know well researched expert label readers so that is convenient. All I have to do is ask what they use. Lynne said she makes it.

What?! That’s your idea of an easy first step!  I can’t spend half a day trekking all over town buying all the ingredients, concocting a huge brew of enough laundry soap to bottle a 6 month supply. 6 months that’s a lot of soap! What size pot are we talking here? Do I have to go out and find a gigantic pot too?

She says it’s much simpler than I think but I don’t know about this. I’m not sure what I signed up for here. We’ll see how it goes. It better clean my clothes good after all that time and it better smell really good too. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

If your looking for info on Greenwashing



Reluctantly Greening

You have to read this article Lynne wrote about me on her blog to see what I’m dealing with here!!! It’s all in good fun. My friends all get a kick out of the way I do things and I encourage it, as I like making fun of myself. My love for convenience has been a long running joke for us. It’s fun to put an exaggerated spin on life.

So this is what my blog is about. My friends going green and apparently I should too. She’s doing research for her quest to find good clean non-toxic products. I don’t want to know all the facts but I’ll take her word for it. If there is something better that I should be buying then I’ll try it.

She’s convinced I’ll be green in no time.

I say I’m not going green, I’m supporting the green market.

Lynne says she’s proud to be my green mentor.

I say she’s using me as a Guinea Pig!

She’s forcing me to green up! I’m very reluctant but I’m caving to the peer pressure and agreeing to the challenge.  If there is a green product available to replace the “so appallingly toxic” ones I’m using then I’ll buy it instead. If it works as well as my “apparent poisons” then I’ll stick with it. This could get interesting. I’m sure you guys will enjoy the show! 🙂

Check out what she wrote about me at

The Challenge

I wrote this blog for friends who would like to join the Big Purse One in a Million Challenge with me. Just click here. Sign up and pledge to spend some money you would be spending anyways, on greener products.

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