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Giving Up Sanitizing

I thought I had a head start on this one. Everyone knows too much antibacterial isn’t good so I gave up sanitizing my home years ago. I had bought into the clever advertisements convincing us that we must constantly sterilize our homes and had Lysol wipes all over the house.  Well I tossed those for plain old soap and water but held onto the antibacterial hand soap.

I keep hearing about Triclosan and how bad it is for many other reasons. It’s an antibacterial ingredient so I’ve gotta give up the soap too. Not too hard, just a matter of switch the soaps by my sinks. Easy to find, there are all kinds of natural hand soaps, I picked up some Kiss My Face and Method hand soap. They work good, smelled good, really it’s just hand soap. One foams, one’s a gel, one’s creamy, not much difference besides I have noticed my hands aren’t dry anymore.

It never really occurred to me just how often I was washing my hands with antibacterial soap. In the kitchen I’d wipe the counter, wash my hands, cut up onions, wash the knife, wash my hands, touch meat, wash my hands, wipe the counter again, wash my hands, feed the cat etc etc. No wonder they were dry, I was stripping them by constantly sterilizing them with antibacterial soap!

So I made the switch and it was easy, then I found out that triclosan is in so many other products besides antibacterial soap. 😦 Avoiding it isn’t gonna be as easy as I thought. I don’t think I can make the switch on some of those things. Maybe some things like deodorant and face wash but I’m keeping my toothpaste.

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