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My Laundry is Done!

After failed attempts to pay Lynne to make the laundry soap for me, I had to search for a grocery store option.

By the way Lynne says it only take 5 minutes to whip up her soap recipe. I’d just rather pick up one thing at the grocery store instead of a list of things. I don’t like shopping. My goal at any store is to get in and out as quickly as I can. Sorry Lynne, I’m sure your soap is great. You can find Lynne’s Household Cleaners Recipes at this link.  DIY Cleaners @ Greener Today

It wasn’t hard, I just did a search on Tracy’s blog Inspired Planning and viola I found a review on two products.

I was very excited to find Method Laundry Soap. $9 at Superstore and it even came in a more convenient bottle. No pouring, just 4 squirts! 🙂 I love it.  Super small hand sized bottle, still does 25 loads, less waste and no big jug to lug. So easy and convenient!

Check List                                                                                            

  • Green expert approved soap
  • Cold water
  • No dryer sheets
  • No bleach
  • Water & Energy efficient appliances

Laundry Room Done 😀

Well besides the Bounce bar. I’m not sure if that’ll be green enough. I’m sure it’s better than dryer sheets but I may have to figure out what to replace it with soon.  It’s running low!  May be another post.

If you want the info…

Why Tide is not Cool  at Inspired Planning

Tracy’s article also recommends Down East Laundry Soap
I saw that in the Naturals section at Superstore for under $5




So it’s time for my first greening task!! Lynne suggests I switch to green laundry soap.

Great. I’m way ahead of her because I already have green laundry soap. She says nope, my green soap isn’t green enough. 😦

But the bottle says Green, it’s advertised as environmentally friendly! How could it not be green? Isn’t there some kind of regulation on that?

Oh no, this is not a good start. It’s called Greenwashing. There is no regulation on green products, meaning no way to know if a product is actually green without doing some research. Well your not gonna find me reading ingredient lists!  Fortunately I know well researched expert label readers so that is convenient. All I have to do is ask what they use. Lynne said she makes it.

What?! That’s your idea of an easy first step!  I can’t spend half a day trekking all over town buying all the ingredients, concocting a huge brew of enough laundry soap to bottle a 6 month supply. 6 months that’s a lot of soap! What size pot are we talking here? Do I have to go out and find a gigantic pot too?

She says it’s much simpler than I think but I don’t know about this. I’m not sure what I signed up for here. We’ll see how it goes. It better clean my clothes good after all that time and it better smell really good too. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

If your looking for info on Greenwashing



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