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Kiss My Face!

So I decided to break this thing down into sections of my home.  First section of course is my sons bath shelf.  Super easy. Went to Sobeys and bought some Kiss My Face kids shampoo and bubble wash. I hear it’s even cheaper at Superstore in the Naturals section. Lynne will be so relieved to know I am no longer bathing my son in hazardous chemicals. Alex’s bath shelf Done. 🙂


Convenient Site

You can search up any bath or cosmetic products on this site.

Cosmetic Database

It gives you a hazard rating. You just look at the # and don’t have to deal with all the reasons. 0-2 is Green. The site also provides more info if you want to know that stuff.





I confess I have been hearing for months about chemicals in products which absorb through the skin into the bloodstream and the possible causes etc but I didn’t switch one single product until now. My friends, likely appalled that I would continue to expose my son to all these things they were telling me were bad. I thought it was exaggerated, going overboard, chemicals are everywhere and in everything, how can you avoid them.

Then I thought, with autism, ADHD,  cancer and asthma all on the rise, our environment has something to do with that. We pollute our air, water, land and our food. Our homes are full of chemicals for cleaning, bathing and cosmetics. We’ve got a pill for everything. It’s just the way our society has evolved.

Obviously it can’t all be avoided. I keep hearing that a little bit of this and a little bit of that, day after day after day, year after year, creates an unhealthy build up.  I don’t want to know what and if these things can eventually lead to major health problems but I figure it would be better to avoid them when I can. If you know what products may be better for your family, then why not buy those instead of the potentially harmful ones.  It’s everywhere and impossible to completely avoid but why not reduce whatever exposure you can and reduce whatever pollution you can.  Really, why not? I’m work on it.


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