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Funny Mishaps

I obviously have plenty to work on. I live a very unhealthy lifestyle so as I have mentioned in previous posts, I signed a contract with Lynne. We selected a 5 things I needed to work on for 1 week. She required correspondence each day in order to ensure I was actually doing it. It didn’t go so well but I thought I’d share my Greening Disasters on here. Why are such simple task so difficult for me, you may ask. I’d like to know that myself lol.

1st Report (Promises)

Me : So I didn’t make it to the Bulk Barn but I promise to make toast and drink lemonless water first thing tomorrow.
I’m gonna walk at the cup in the mornings with my father until I get my crossbow set back up. Then I can Row for 15 minutes each day.
Good thing I making the easiest meal tomorrow because I suspect it will take me a long time to track down all of these strange organic ingredients.

Lynne: Glad for the report. Naturally, I was concerned. So far, so good. Pledging to make toast and drink lemonless water is an excellent step in the right direction. I will note it on your file. That’s right. You have a file.  Walking with your dad is good for two reasons. Excercise, and a little quality time. I fully support the endeavor. You can do this. Action Plan to obtain the crossbow? When are we expecting it? What’s your ETA? 15 minutes is a good start. I like it, I like it a lot.

Couldn’t help but note the phrase “strange organic ingredients”. I smile to myself, but feel a small lecture is in order. Not strange. “Healthy”. Beautifying. Delicious. Not strange. But frankly, at this point, so long as you pick them up I can deal with it.

Day 1 (Shopping Gone Wrong)

Lynne: It’s five to four. A great time to be starting dinner for this evening…If you haven’t stocked up on nice organic groceries, now is the time. I don’t want excuses either. So help me, I’ll be checking your crisper!
Me: Well, I must say, my organic shopping did NOT go well! First I went to the bulk barn and they didn’t have much of what I was looking for in organic. Then as I was at the check out inquiring whether the insane amount of plastic bags I had accumulated there were biodegradable, I realized I had forgotten my green grocery bags! I then had to drive back home and get those before I went to Superstore. I spent a lot of time searching for organic, antibiotic free and aluminum free products. I was not as successful as I had hoped. Only half the vegetables and fruit I bought were organic. I could only find antibiotic free chicken breast and the rest of the meat was just normal. I was pleased to easily find certain canned goods organic and aluminum free in the Naturals section. Even found almond milk there too. It took me a while to track down ingredients I didn’t even know what they looked like. Fortunately I ran into a few clients who I know are expert cooks to help me. I couldn’t find organic milk or eggs but I did at least buy eggs in environmental friendly cartons instead of styrofoam. I got everything on my list except extra virgin coconut oil, it looked like wax in a jar. Is that what it’s supposed to look like? It didn’t look right, so I skipped it for now.

Although only have of the groceries were organic, it’s still much better than the junk I usually buy. It also cost much less than I normally spend. That’s the good news so be proud of me and don’t hold this next part against me. The whole shopping thing took way too long, gave me a headache actually. By the time I finished it was almost 5:00 so I went to Water Street Bakery bought a u bake pizza, came home, popped it in the oven and took some meds and a pepsi. I’ll start bright and early tomorrow I swear. This whole organic shopping thing is exhausting and time consuming. I’m convinced more than ever that I should hire a personal shopper.

Lynne: Dying laughing. It’s bad. Okay, first things first. Organic milk and eggs will be found in the natural section, not the regular section. Also the only place in a grocery store you’ll ever find almond milk. Virgin coconut oil is more like a wax. It’s thick and you can scoop it instead of pouring it. The title is misleading. The herbs at bulk barn are never organic and I should have told you so. That one’s my fault, and I’m sorry. I should have went with you. I know where all that stuff is at Sobey’s and now it takes me no time whatsoever. It isn’t expensive, which is surprising. Tomorrow is an alright start date. After all, I didn’t give you enough guidance here. You won’t need a personal shopper. It will only get easier and easier. Just think of how fast you can locate a TV Dinner. Soon, you’ll find organic cheese that fast.

Day 2 (Cooking Gone Wrong)

No healthy smoothie this morning, my blender didn’t work. I did eat breakfast though. Pizza.
I drank nothing but lemon water all day, no pepsi, to make up for it lol. Tomorrow I’ll start having healthy breakfasts. I swear.
I went out and bought a blender and coconut oil this afternoon but I forgot my green bags again. 😦
I did cook supper but it didn’t go well. It took forever. I can’t remember the last time I spent that much time in the kitchen.
I peeled and chopped all the vegetables. Then I spent an hour washing dishes. My last green dishwasher experiment went terribly wrong.
All the dishes ended up with a baked on white film that wouldn’t scrub off so I had to soak 6 sinks full of dishes in vinegar then scrub them with soap and water.
Then by the time all of my dishes were all sparking clean, supper was ready. I was all proud of myself. As I was about to serve it my father called and asked what all I put in it. “It’s a boiled dinner, what do you think I put in it? Ham, onions, carrots, turnip, parsnips, cabbage.” He starts laughing at me and points out that I forgot the potatoes!!!! Yep, I did indeed forget one the main ingredients. It then took me another 45 minutes to scoop everything out of the pot into a big bowl, pour the juice into a smaller pot, peel chop and boil the potatoes to add them to the dinner. Despite all the mishaps, it did turn out good in the end though. 🙂

Day 3 (Confession)

No smoothie this morning. I went out to breakfast with a friend instead.
Still drinking the lemon water. Getting off the Pepsi is easier than I thought.
Didn’t have to cook supper after the huge pot I made yesterday. That
was convenient.
Oh and not sure if you noticed, I haven’t been reporting back about
exercising. Well that’s because I have  been doing it.
I was just avoiding the subject and hoping you wouldn’t ask.  I
thought I’d confess now after I actually did some today.

Day 4 (Doing It)

Finally tried the smoothie. It didn’t go so well.
It was all thick and lumpy, so I put it back in the blender but then the almond milk seemed to curdle and separate from the oats.
It took a lot of effort for me to even take a sip. It tasted ok but the texture was weird. I must not have made it right. Maybe it would be better without oats.
Still drinking the lemon water, still no pepsi. I did exercise.
Cooked the chicken pasta for supper and that went well.

This isn’t so bad.


Kinda Sorta Green

Lynne suggested I take this Eco Quiz on Practically Green to see where I’m at with this whole greening up thing. I thought ok, this could be interesting, I’m going to fail miserably. Lynne said she was surprised  she only got a 6 out of 10 the 1st time she took it. (I should mention she has since progressed to a solid 9) Well I was shocked that I got as high as a 3!!! Yep, I was quite pleased with my 3 which rated me as “Kinda Sorta Green”. 🙂

Mind you I got most of my points with very little effort, mostly because I built my house 2 years ago after the standards had improved, I went all out with the insulation and of course opted for energy efficient appliances, windows etc.

I also earned points for recycling but since it’s mandatory to sort waste, compost and recycling on PEI, I can’t really take the credit for that one either. Besides those things the only area I got points in which were actually in my control was water conservation. I even got a Gold Water Badge! I’m very proud of my 3 despite the fact it was a complete fluke. Still, I think it’s a good start!

Try the 5 minute Quiz

Reluctantly Greening

You have to read this article Lynne wrote about me on her blog to see what I’m dealing with here!!! It’s all in good fun. My friends all get a kick out of the way I do things and I encourage it, as I like making fun of myself. My love for convenience has been a long running joke for us. It’s fun to put an exaggerated spin on life.

So this is what my blog is about. My friends going green and apparently I should too. She’s doing research for her quest to find good clean non-toxic products. I don’t want to know all the facts but I’ll take her word for it. If there is something better that I should be buying then I’ll try it.

She’s convinced I’ll be green in no time.

I say I’m not going green, I’m supporting the green market.

Lynne says she’s proud to be my green mentor.

I say she’s using me as a Guinea Pig!

She’s forcing me to green up! I’m very reluctant but I’m caving to the peer pressure and agreeing to the challenge.  If there is a green product available to replace the “so appallingly toxic” ones I’m using then I’ll buy it instead. If it works as well as my “apparent poisons” then I’ll stick with it. This could get interesting. I’m sure you guys will enjoy the show! 🙂

Check out what she wrote about me at

The Challenge

I wrote this blog for friends who would like to join the Big Purse One in a Million Challenge with me. Just click here. Sign up and pledge to spend some money you would be spending anyways, on greener products.

Lets get honest…

I’m sorry but I don’t want to know what chemicals and toxins are in my shampoo. Not just any product can keep my puffy thick curly hair under control! I don’t want to know what the chemicals in my everyday food, cosmetics and household products could possibly do. It takes time and dedication to truly go green. Being green is a lifestyle which you have to make a lot changes in your daily life. I don’t have the time for that. I don’t want to be afraid of everything. I truly admire those who are making substantial effort in going green, who I know also have busy lives. It’s just too inconvenient for me. Yep that’s right I said it! I admit it. I Confess! It’s too inconvenient and I’m stealing Gore’s slogan. 😉

Come on admit it, many of you feel the same. You all have busy lives and schedules with work, kids, activities etc. You all have enough to worry about with your kids, sick family members etc. You all would love to make those big purchases to cut back emissions to help the ozone or future waist in landfills but it just doesn’t fall into your budget when your buying a car, building a house, or renovating. You think, what can I do? You just don’t feel you have the time or the extra money to go green. What difference can I make?

After I read about Big Green Purse I realized that I can contribute and make a little difference. So I signed up for the Purse challenge! I think it’s an interesting idea to challenge women to use their buying power to show industries that consumers want to buy greener products. Going green is quite inconvenient as of now but once the market sees more people buying green then in the future it will take less effort and research to find green products as there will be more products and more convenient alternatives on the market.

It’s as simple as supply and demand. Lets start small right now and as us consumers become more conscious and aware with our buying, the energy efficient and large environmentally friendly products will become less expensive and more attainable for the majority. I challenge you to join this challenge with me and demonstrate that consumers want green products and alternatives.

I’m being honest here. I’m not going to throw out all of my products and switch completely over. I’m not going to become an expert and start reading ingredient labels. I’m still gonna plug my ears singing “lalala” or skip over the info about chemicals and causes when I read my friends blogs on going green and the products they find. I find it fascinating, the dedication they put into adapting to a green lifestyle. I really enjoy reading their posts about what they are trying, the products they found and what they think of them. It’s inspiring! I’ll take their advice and try some of the products because they know their stuff, you know it’s a good clean product if they put their stamp of approval on it. I’m not going green but will try to be more conscious when shopping and do my best to support the green market. Doing a little right now to make a difference doesn’t have to be inconvenient.

Check it out, Sign up and Join me!!!

Also my blogger friend just posted on a similar topic.

Check it out. Conversations on Green

I’m working on it

“I’m working on it” has become a common phrase for me. It can mean anything from, I’m literally working on it, to yes I realize I need to do something about that and it is on my list which I hope to get to someday. Our lives get so busy that so many areas of our lives get pushed aside. It happens to all of us. We are all searching for a balance. I have 2 huge lists of  things I need to work on right now. Everything from things I want to do to the house, taking better care of myself, finding more time for friends and family etc etc. Hell I need to quite smoking and you all know how well that has been going. I’m working on it.

Then I realized that I have become a convenience-aholic.  It’s just a long word I made up but it’s the best way to explain it.  The past few years shoots, deadlines, emails and family matters consumed so much of my time that I would continually opt for convenience with everything that didn’t pertain to work. Convenience is costly and counterproductive at that. It never occurred to me just how costly it was because I could afford it but at what expense. I would spend more for convenience, only to waste more and work more. I’m working on it really.  I’ve grown so accustomed to all these convenient things and I am very reluctant to let them go but I am aware of it and will do my best to gradually waste less.

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