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In-Your-Pocket Bags

I was so excited to find In-Your-Pocket bags today! I can not believe how excited I was.

I’m always forgetting my green bags.  Too often I don’t expect I’ll need them. Today I bought some books at Coles and of course declined the plastic but I didn’t have a bag and was left carrying my books through the mall. I was saying to my mom, that I wish I could carry my green bags in my purse. I take them to the grocery store but I don’t carry them around the mall while browsing and don’t plan to buy something. Minutes later I spotted pocket bags in the check out at Sobey’s. I was so excited, as I raved to my mom about how convenient these will be,  lady’s behind me started grabbing some too!

Get one, it’s my new favorite thing! They hold a lot but are very light and you just fold them into a long strip, roll, snap a button and put it in your purse.  When folded they are teeny tiny.


In-Your-Pocket bag

I think they were a $1 or $2 at Sobey’s

Is it Green?

I don’t know about fabric, it may be nylon. Not sure if that is green approved.

Maybe it’s nylon made by DuPont 😦 I’m mad at them but that’s another story.

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