I’ve noticed the Natural Gas Industry has been bombarding the airways with commercials, in an attempt to drill into everyone’s minds that they are a good clean natural alternative and their industry is boosting the economy by creating jobs.  I had to laugh, knowing very well why they are all of a sudden investing so much into marketing, having their commercials play over and over again, as we are all glued to the Japan reports on CNN.

Their aggressive and very expensive new ad campaign is all damage control after film maker Josh Fox came out with the documentary Gasland. The film focuses on communities in America impacted by natural gas drilling.  Hydraulic fracturing is a drilling method which blasts chemicals and water into the ground creating mini earthquakes to release natural gas out of the earth. The process also causes natural gas and chemicals to seep into peoples water supply.

Watch this preview. It shows a guy holding a lighter to his tap and the water catches on fire!

Can you believe that some people are showering in the dark because the water and fumes from the pipes all through their home smells like gas and they fear their shower water will catch on fire if a light bulb blew?!

In this day in age we feel we are being protected  by science, testing, rules, regulations and restrictions. Something like that wouldn’t be allowed if it was known to be so damaging. It’s hard to believe that could possibly be happening here but don’t underestimate the power of money, the government did indeed exempt Gas companies from environmental regulations such as the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Energy Policy of 2005 and peoples water really is being contaminated.

Beware, Hydraulic fracturing is also happening in the Atlantic Canada.

Hopefully this Oscar Nominated Documentary helps force the government to put a stop to this before drilling spreads to a community near you.  Awareness is key.


2 responses to “Gasland

  • Lynne

    Excellent post Virginia. It’s true. Natural gas is promoted as being such an environmentally friendly alternative, but the extracting process is detrimental to the waterways and enviromental landscape even remotely close to where the drilling is done. And GASLAND is an amazing documentary. I was happy you recommended it.

  • ihp1

    Also check out crude impact, great oil/peak oil doc!

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