Wasting Trees

This article Auburn Fans Mourn Trees By Killing More Trees, made me stop and think about just how wasteful our society has become. We just continue to waste with complete disregard to the fact that the more we use, the more we destroy. As individuals it may not seem like much but with everyone doing it that adds up to 6 soccer fields a minute of rain forests being wiped out! Now I’ve gotta put more thought into paper.

Toilet Paper

Seeing the irony in all that toilet paper hanging on those poisoned trees the college students were mourning in that article made me consider looking into recycled toilet paper. This was shocking to my friends because in the past this has not gone over well with me. Years ago one of my roommates bought recycled toilet paper and it was awful. It wasn’t soft and even had blue flecks in it! Are those the blue lines from recycled loose leaf? Needless to say he was no longer allowed to make those kinds of purchases lol. I figured it was time to check it out again, they must have improved the recycling process by now.

At Superstore I found 3 kinds.

PC Green recycled but looked cheap and rough.

Majesta Soft & Green looked normal and soft but it wasn’t recycled. It called Treesposible, they plant a tree for every one they cut down. Better than nothing but I think recycled would be a better choice.

Cashmere EnviroCare is made from 100% recycled fiber but didn’t look cheap so I went with that. It’s no different than normal forest chopping kinds. No blue flecks and was just as soft. No sacrifice, switching was easy!


Way ahead of this one, I have been buying recycled printer paper for years. 🙂 Having a business, it’s kind of hard to ignore the stacks and stacks of paper I collect each year.


I had already switched all the mail/bills I could to email statements a while ago but I haven’t figured out how to stop receiving flyers yet.


My fellow greeners are using handkerchiefs but since my family still hasn’t gone through a whole box this past year I decided to keep the tissue paper.


This one is gonna be hard since I always use paper napkins when I set the table. I’ll keep an eye out for cloth napkins though and once I find a pretty color I really like I’ll pick some up. They would make a better table presentation anyways.

Paper Towel

Turns out the Sponge Towels I have been using were Cashmere EnviroCare as well. Super, I don’t have to switch those but to be honest I had no idea they were recycled. Before this whole greening venture I have never really paid much attention to packaging.

Although this was easy because I didn’t have to make a switch,  it does require a bit of a sacrifice. I have to be more conscious of just how often I use it. I’m trying to use cloths instead of paper towel when cleaning except for gross things and glass. I’m not giving it up but am doing my best to use less.

Any suggestions on good lint free glass cleaning cloths?

Take a peek at the article that I was talking about

Auburn Fans Mourn Trees By Killing More Trees

at least look at the picture!


3 responses to “Wasting Trees

  • Lynne

    Great article Virginia! I’ve been using cloth napkins for years! It’s more eco friendly, and way more glam! Good info on the paper choices out there. I haven’t switched to handkerchiefs either. I just can’t get there.

  • Tracy Gaudet

    Ok, you need to know that Adam complains about EVERY change I make. The switch to PC recycled toilet paper did not arise even a peep from him. It is quite comparable! Also I have been using re-usable paper towels for months now, I got them on etsy. They are great!
    For klenex, believe it or not, since I no longer need my large supply of receiving blankets I chopped them up into klenex fold them up and voila!…. bla bla bla
    I have to get up a blog post on this as well!

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