Reluctantly Greening

You have to read this article Lynne wrote about me on her blog to see what I’m dealing with here!!! It’s all in good fun. My friends all get a kick out of the way I do things and I encourage it, as I like making fun of myself. My love for convenience has been a long running joke for us. It’s fun to put an exaggerated spin on life.

So this is what my blog is about. My friends going green and apparently I should too. She’s doing research for her quest to find good clean non-toxic products. I don’t want to know all the facts but I’ll take her word for it. If there is something better that I should be buying then I’ll try it.

She’s convinced I’ll be green in no time.

I say I’m not going green, I’m supporting the green market.

Lynne says she’s proud to be my green mentor.

I say she’s using me as a Guinea Pig!

She’s forcing me to green up! I’m very reluctant but I’m caving to the peer pressure and agreeing to the challenge.  If there is a green product available to replace the “so appallingly toxic” ones I’m using then I’ll buy it instead. If it works as well as my “apparent poisons” then I’ll stick with it. This could get interesting. I’m sure you guys will enjoy the show! 🙂

Check out what she wrote about me at


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