Lets get honest…

I’m sorry but I don’t want to know what chemicals and toxins are in my shampoo. Not just any product can keep my puffy thick curly hair under control! I don’t want to know what the chemicals in my everyday food, cosmetics and household products could possibly do. It takes time and dedication to truly go green. Being green is a lifestyle which you have to make a lot changes in your daily life. I don’t have the time for that. I don’t want to be afraid of everything. I truly admire those who are making substantial effort in going green, who I know also have busy lives. It’s just too inconvenient for me. Yep that’s right I said it! I admit it. I Confess! It’s too inconvenient and I’m stealing Gore’s slogan. 😉

Come on admit it, many of you feel the same. You all have busy lives and schedules with work, kids, activities etc. You all have enough to worry about with your kids, sick family members etc. You all would love to make those big purchases to cut back emissions to help the ozone or future waist in landfills but it just doesn’t fall into your budget when your buying a car, building a house, or renovating. You think, what can I do? You just don’t feel you have the time or the extra money to go green. What difference can I make?

After I read about Big Green Purse I realized that I can contribute and make a little difference. So I signed up for the Purse challenge! I think it’s an interesting idea to challenge women to use their buying power to show industries that consumers want to buy greener products. Going green is quite inconvenient as of now but once the market sees more people buying green then in the future it will take less effort and research to find green products as there will be more products and more convenient alternatives on the market.

It’s as simple as supply and demand. Lets start small right now and as us consumers become more conscious and aware with our buying, the energy efficient and large environmentally friendly products will become less expensive and more attainable for the majority. I challenge you to join this challenge with me and demonstrate that consumers want green products and alternatives.

I’m being honest here. I’m not going to throw out all of my products and switch completely over. I’m not going to become an expert and start reading ingredient labels. I’m still gonna plug my ears singing “lalala” or skip over the info about chemicals and causes when I read my friends blogs on going green and the products they find. I find it fascinating, the dedication they put into adapting to a green lifestyle. I really enjoy reading their posts about what they are trying, the products they found and what they think of them. It’s inspiring! I’ll take their advice and try some of the products because they know their stuff, you know it’s a good clean product if they put their stamp of approval on it. I’m not going green but will try to be more conscious when shopping and do my best to support the green market. Doing a little right now to make a difference doesn’t have to be inconvenient.

Check it out, Sign up and Join me!!!  http://www.biggreenpurse.com

Also my blogger friend just posted on a similar topic.

Check it out. Conversations on Green


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