I’m working on it

“I’m working on it” has become a common phrase for me. It can mean anything from, I’m literally working on it, to yes I realize I need to do something about that and it is on my list which I hope to get to someday. Our lives get so busy that so many areas of our lives get pushed aside. It happens to all of us. We are all searching for a balance. I have 2 huge lists of  things I need to work on right now. Everything from things I want to do to the house, taking better care of myself, finding more time for friends and family etc etc. Hell I need to quite smoking and you all know how well that has been going. I’m working on it.

Then I realized that I have become a convenience-aholic.  It’s just a long word I made up but it’s the best way to explain it.  The past few years shoots, deadlines, emails and family matters consumed so much of my time that I would continually opt for convenience with everything that didn’t pertain to work. Convenience is costly and counterproductive at that. It never occurred to me just how costly it was because I could afford it but at what expense. I would spend more for convenience, only to waste more and work more. I’m working on it really.  I’ve grown so accustomed to all these convenient things and I am very reluctant to let them go but I am aware of it and will do my best to gradually waste less.


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